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Frequently asked questions

What is included in your comprehensive cookbook package?

Once you sign-up, you’ll immediately get FREE access to everything you’ll need to plan and run your cookbook project, including:

  • Simple step-by-step instructions;
  • Electronic advertising posters which you can use in school newsletters, etc;
  • Recipe request and cookbook order forms;
  • Resources to help you promote your cookbook and boost recipe numbers
  • Resources to help you maximise your cookbook sales (and hence profits);
  • Resources to help you secure business advertising to raise $’000s in bonus fundraising profits
  • Full details of our large selection of available cookbook sizes, templates and styles
  • Our extensive FREE portfolio of designer food photos and illustrations
  • Various spreadsheets to help you keep track of sales, advertising revenue and profits
  • And lots lots more
How long does a cookbook project typically take from start to end?

The time will vary depending on how long you give your families to submit their recipes, and the time of the year. However as an approximate guide, 12 weeks is about average. If you are working to tight deadlines, please let us know and we’ll do our very best to meet these.

How long do I have to complete our cookbook?

You automatically have 12 months to complete your cookbook project, once you sign-up. However if you need to extend this completion date, you can easily do this via your Dashboard Area.

Do you only produce fundraising cookbook s for kindies, schools and organisations?

Most of the cookbooks we create are for kindergartens, childcare centres, schools, sporting groups and other organisations. However, we also happily create cookbooks for private individuals as well (100 books is our suggested minimum print run).

Is there a minimum number of cookbooks we have to print?

We generally suggest you print a minimum of 100 books, to keep the per unit cost as low as possible.  However if you want a smaller print run, just contact us for a quote.