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What if I can’t find my kindy’s, school’s or organisation’s name in this list?

It’s possible your kindy, school or organisation hasn’t yet signed up to create their cookbook. We suggest getting in contact with them to check.

Can I also upload a photo?

To manage publishing costs, your cookbook coordinators will make the final decision about which photos and/or artwork get included in the final cookbook. If you would like to supply a photo or artwork to accompany your recipe, please email this to your nominated cookbook coordinator, for their consideration.

What if my recipe doesn’t really fit into any of the listed recipe categories?

When your kindy, school or group first signed up to publish their cookbook, they nominated what headings and sub-headings they would like to include. If you have a recipe that doesn’t fit neatly into these categories, please contact your nominated cookbook coordinator. If they agree, they can then add in an extra category to the cookbook.

What if my recipe is based on a recipe from a book or website?

We generally suggest you enter your own family recipe. However if your recipe is based one previously published in a book or website, we ask you to acknowledge the source, such as ‘This recipe is based on my favourite Jamie Oliver Cookbook titled XYZ.