Why create a fundraising cookbook?

Creating a cookbook can easily become one of the most memorable fundraising projects you’ll ever work on.

Unlike many other fundraising products, people treasure their cookbooks for decades and often lovingly pass them down from one generation to the next !


4 of the top 10 non-fiction biggest best sellers are cookbooks

Create your own top-selling cookbook with our really easy cookbook system. it’s never been simpler - especially for fundraising volunteers with limited time to commit or experience in book publishing.


The quality of our cookbooks and our customer service

Since publishing our first fundraising cookbook in 2010, our absolute obsession has been to produce the very best cookbooks we can, and to provide the very best customer service we can, for each and every one of our clients.

Because we offer such a personalised service, we can produce cookbooks of all shapes, sizes and quality. This ensures we can produce very special fundraising cookbooks that everyone absolutely loves and that meet everyone’s available budget.

We’re just so proud to have been able to  publish thousands of much loved fundraising cookbooks for childcare centres, kindergartens, schools, community groups and others across all areas of Australia.

Adding colour & beauty

Colour and beauty

To help add gorgeous colour and beauty to your cookbook, we give you FREE access to our huge library of designer food photos. There is NO charge to use any of the photos in our photo library.

Of course you can also supply your own photos or artwork as well.

Just nominate what photos or artwork you want to include and where you'd like them placed, and we’ll take care of the rest!

Cookbook sizes

Our fundraising cookbooks typically come in 3 different sizes:

-    A5 (210 x 148 mm)
-   Large Square (230 x 210 mm)
-   Large Portrait (260 x 210 mm)

The A5 and Large Square are by far our most popular sizes.

If you have another size in mind, just let us know and we’ll do our best to create this for you.

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Standard Range

Most popular, especially with those wanting small print runs and/or to keep costs as low as possible to maximise fundraising profits.

These cookbooks come with colour covers and b&w text pages printed on quality coated satin paper. You can then include as many full colour inserts as you like to display your colour chapter pages, photos, children’s artwork and business advertisements. The more colour inserts you add, the higher the price.

Premium Range

Our premium cookbooks are printed in full colour and are particularly suited to those wanting a large print run and/or to place photos or artwork alongside individual recipes.

ALL our cookbooks are printed on premium quality satin coated paper stock

Water and stain resistant - perfect for when kids are in the kitchen!

We print our b&w text pages on 113gsm coated satin paper, and all colour pages on 128gsm coated satin paper. We also print all our covers on premium coated satin 300gsm and 350gsm paper.

If you would like us to publish your cookbook using other paper, just let us know and we’ll organise this for you.

Including extra material

Some groups love to include extra material in their cookbook to make their cookbook an even more special keepsake.

As an example, we often include:

  • Historic sketches and old photos of school buildings, staff and students;
  • Photos of school kitchen gardens;
  • Photos of art competition entries and school sculptures; and
  • Stories and recollections of past and present staff and students.

Hint: Use community content

Some even include photos and stories from their local community, to help create a real community cookbook and hence boost sales. One small country school with just 32 students used this approach to easily sell 300 copies of their cookbook!


We offer 2 binding styles for your fundraising cookbooks. If you would like us to publish your cookbook using another type of binding, just let us know.

Binding photo

PUR and perfect binding

These create a high quality, flexible flat spine. This type of spine makes a perfect coffee-table style large square or portrait sized cookbook.

Wiro binding

These use coated metal wires to bind the book together and guarantees that our cookbooks lay completely flat when left open on a bench or table, and is perfect for when kids are in the kitchen !


Printing & delivery

ALL our cookbooks are proudly printed in Australia using the highest quality printing presses to ensure fast, high-quality local printing and delivery.

Thinking of printing some cookbooks now, and then organising a reprint later? No problem at all. Just let us know how many more cookbooks you’d like when the time comes, and we can reprint immediately … with a 10% reprint discount.

Printing & delivery photo


A key advantage of our system is you can use our FREE resources and online ordering facility to help raise the full cost of their cookbooks BEFORE any payment is due.

We provide all the resources you’ll need to promote your project, to sell your cookbooks, and to obtain business advertising. This includes free use of our brand new online ordering facility… something that we’re very excited about.

No payment is due until after we’ve compiled your cookbook and you’ve approved our print-ready proof. At this stage we send you an initial invoice for a 50% deposit. We then send you a final invoice once your cookbooks are printed and on their way.

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