Finalise your cookbook content & layout

Once you finish editing your recipes (and have closed off your recipe submissions via the ‘Manage your Account’ in the Dashboard Area), send us:

Your Final Order Form
Your logo (if you have one)
Your cookbook foreword
Any photos, artwork plus other non-recipe text you want to supply
Your sponsorship adverts (if obtained) + Advertising Summary Sheet
Your artwork placement guide

To send us these files, just send us an email ( and we’ll set you up with a very simple shared Dropbox folder.  You then just place your cookbook files in this folder, and your work is done!


Once we receive this material, we’ll then schedule your cookbook in for compilation.


We provide an example cookbook foreword

We help you to include photos/artwork/non-recipe pages:


If you have limited time and/or want to minimize the cost of your cookbook:

“Keep your cookbook simple”

Adding lots of extra material such as history pages, photos and artwork is great. But the more you add, the more time you’ll need to spend on the project AND the higher the final printing costs (due to the added page count and colour printing costs).

By far our most popular (and low cost) cookbooks are from our standard cookbook range with crisp b&w text pages and anywhere from 3 - 20 double-sided colour photo/artwork inserts … the more colour you include, the higher the cost.


  • Most schools print their main chapter pages in colour and then include photos, artwork or business advertisements on the reverse side.


  • Other schools also include extra double-sided colour photo/artwork inserts which they scatter throughout the cookbook.


  • We never compromise on quality and these standard cookbooks are still gorgeous! They just cost considerably less to print than full colour ones and hence enable you to maximise your fundraising profits.


  • Do you have lots of photos /artwork you’d still like to include? No problem … but maybe you’d like to present these on collage pages.  This is a great way to include lots of photos and artwork, while still keeping your cookbook printing costs as low as possible.

How should we send these files to you?

If you only have a few files, you can just email these to us ( If you have lots of files, just send us an email asking us to set up a shared Dropbox Folder. This is a very simple process, and once you copy and paste your cookbook files into this shared folder, we get immediate access to them.

When do we have to tell you how many cookbooks we want to print?

We only need your final number once we’re ready to send your cookbook off to the printers.

Do we see a proof of the cookbook before it’s printed?

Of course! Once we finish compiling your cookbook, we send you a fully laid out PDF proof, for your checking/sign-off. If you require any tweaks, we then send you another proof for your sign-off.

Once we send this material to you, when can we expect to receive our cookbooks?

Printing typically takes approx. 2 weeks, plus delivery. However printing times can vary, depending on how busy the printers are during the busy months of Oct and Nov.

When is payment due?

We send you a tax invoice for 50% with the final cookbook proof. We then send a final invoice for the balance payable plus freight once the cookbooks have been printed and dispatched.

Have any other questions?

Get in touch and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.