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We save you

Supporting volunteers

We save you time

Our TOTAL focus is helping all fundraising volunteers, including those with no publishing experience (or available time), produce a gorgeous fundraising cookbook that everyone will absolutely love!

Free resources

We save you money

All our resources, templates & photo library are FREE to use, and we provide everything you’ll need to easily complete your project. We also help our clients boost sales and keep publishing costs as low as possible.

Orginised for you

We save you stress

Families submit recipes straight to our website. Once you check them & select your templates & photos, we then do ALL the cookbook compilation work for you at NO added cost - saving you weeks of work & stress!


Low cost cookbooks

Signing up with Published Authors is FREE, and we charge no extra for fundraising plans or to use our templates and photos. We also offer a large range of cookbook sizes, styles, and colour options to help you keep the cost of your fundraising cookbooks as low as possible.

We make cookbook publishing so easy!

We aim to provide the easiest cookbook publishing service around. We do ALL the cookbook compilation for you, so you never have to spend weeks using the online publishing software that most other cookbook publishers require you to use.

Our unique online ordering facility

We’re delighted to announce that we now provide a unique online ordering system to help fundraising groups with their cookbook orders.

Print 50 to 1000’s

To minimise the cost of your cookbooks, we suggest a minimum print run of 100 books or more. However if you require a smaller number, just let us know and we’ll happily send you a quote.

Amazing quality

We never compromise on quality and use only premium quality paper and printing equipment.

Excellent customer support

We’re always available to chat over the phone or by email and our aim is to provide a very helpful, prompt and friendly service to all the schools and groups we work with.

Access all our fundraising resources for FREE

Sign up & get FREE access to all our fundraising resources that take you step-by-step through the entire cookbook project, including all our templates, business advert material, and huge library of designer food photos.

Reprint anytime

Sold out your cookbooks and need some more? Just let us know and we’ll reprint your cookbook ASAP. All reprints receive a 10% discount on the list price.

Fast publishing & printing in Australia

To maintain close control over the final quality of our cookbooks and to ensure fast delivery, we proudly print all our cookbooks right here in Australia.

Our Testimonials

Nadia Tang

“We were so amazed at how easy everything has been and the amount of information, tips, and adverts included in your Step-By-Step Package. Everything has been so beautifully presented and the kit is so helpful and we definitely appreciate how much work has gone into all the templates.”

Cindy Eick

“How easy was that. Well done. This is the best fundraiser idea I have EVER heard of. Congratulations.”

Barbra Sharp

“It was so easy to do a cookbook with your company. If we had “gone it alone” and typed up, proofed, printed and collated the cookbook ourselves, it would have been a huge effort.”

How It Works


Sign up and start submitting recipes

It’s just so simple to sign-up and begin submitting recipes for your fundraising cookbook.

Once you sign up, your families and friends can immediately come to our website and start submitting their favourite family recipes straight to your new recipe library. You also get immediate access to your Dashboard Area and our full package of FREE resources, templates and huge designer food library.

How it works 1 photo
Dashboard Area

Easily manage all aspects of your project

Our Dashboard Area is so simple to use and enables you to manage all aspects of your fundraising cookbook project quickly and easily.

You can update your project details, monitor and edit all the submitted recipes, access all the help sheets, templates and photos, and access online cookbook orders received.


Promote your fundraising project and begin taking pre-orders

Promoting your cookbook project and obtaining pre-printing orders is just so easy.

Just go to your Dashboard Area and download our help sheets on promoting your cookbook project, boosting recipe numbers and  boosting sales.  You can also download advertising posters, a profit calculator, and a report on all pre-orders received via our website.

How it works 3 photo
How it works 4 photo

Collect extra $’s via business advertising

While not an essential, many schools and groups include business advertising in their cookbooks as it’s a great way to dramatically boost the profits from your fundraising project.

Local businesses and others are often really excited to advertise in fundraising cookbooks, as it’s a great way to show their support for their local community. Also, people continue to see their advertisements for many years, as opposed to just a few days or a week in a local newspaper or online listing. We include a FREE package of resources you can use to obtain business advertising in your Dashboard Area.


Monitor and check submitted recipes

Your Dashboard Area makes it so simple to instantly see a summary of all recipes submitted to your cookbook, as well as see a full listing of every recipe submitted.

You can also use this area to check and, if needed, edit or delete the submitted recipes before we download them and begin compiling your cookbook.

We don’t provide a full proof-reading service. However, we do provide detailed instructions outlining:

  • the edits we do when compiling your cookbook; and
  • the things you may like to check.
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How it works 6 photo

Choose the 'look' of your cookbook

Once you’ve finished checking/editing your recipes, the last thing you need to do is to choose the final 'look' of your cookbook.  

This involves you choosing:

  • what size cookbook you’d like;
  • what type of binding you’d like;
  • what templates you’d like us to use for your chapter pages and recipe pages;
  • what photos or artwork you’d like to include, and
  • whether you want to print a Standard or Premium Full Colour cookbook.

Once you decide on the above, your work is done!


We then do ALL the cookbook compilation work for you

Once you've checked all the submitted recipes, and decided what templates etc you want, your work is done! We then do ALL the cookbook compilation work for you!

Once we've finished compiling your cookbook (usually within 2 weeks), we email you a PDF proof for your checking.

If you require any final tweaks, we aim to do this ASAP.

How it works 7 photo
How it works 8 photo

Once you approve our proof, we then print & deliver

Once you sign off on your proof and you arrange payment of a 50% deposit, we then immediately send your cookbook off to our Australian printers.

ALL our cookbooks are printed in Australia using the highest quality printing presses to ensure fast, high-quality local printing and delivery.

Thinking of printing some cookbooks now, and then organising a re-print later? No problem at all. Just let us know how many more cookbooks you’d like when the time comes, and we can reprint your cookbooks immediately… with a 10% discount on the list price.

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