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Our Designer-style cookbooks come in 3 different sizes:

  • A5 (210 x 148 mm)
  • Large Square (230 x 210 mm)
  • Large Portrait (260 x 210 mm)

Design Styles

We offer both a Standard and Premium cookbook range.

With our most popular and beautiful STANDARD COOKBOOK RANGE, the cookbook cover and main chapter pages are typically printed in full colour to display your choice of stunning photos or children’s original artwork. You can also include extra colour pages to display even more photos or artwork (our min = 100 books).

This range of cookbooks is particularly suited to schools or groups wanting to produce a beautiful cookbook while maximising their fundraising profits.

With our PREMIUM COOKBOOK RANGE, you print your ENTIRE cookbook in full colour with lots more food photos or original artwork.

ALL our cookbooks are printed on premium quality gloss and satin coated paper stock (NOT the cheap photocopy paper used by other fundraising cookbook providers). This premium paper stock is also water and stain resistant - perfect for when kids are in the kitchen!

Adding colour and beauty

Our designer photo library is yours to use, FREE of charge!

To help add gorgeous colour and beauty to your cookbook, and to give it a real professional flare, we give you FREE access to our extensive library of designer food photos.

Just nominate what photos you’d like to include and where you’d like them included (such as the front cover, the inside title page, the chapter pages, etc), and we’ll take care of the rest!

Personalising your cookbook (even more)

Some schools and community groups love to include extra material to make their cookbook an even more special keepsake. Some even include photos and stories from their local community, to help create a real community cookbook and hence boost sales.

  • These include old price lists from their tuck shop, historic sketches of the old school building from the 1900’s, and even the stories and recollections of past and present staff and students.
  • One small country school with just 32 students used this approach to easily sell 300 copies of their cookbook!

Use sponsorship to cover the costs of your cookbook

Our FREE Step-By-Step Package includes lots of tried and tested methods & materials to help you pre-fund your cookbook and maximise your profits by collecting sponsorship from local and broader businesses.

Indeed many of our previous schools and groups have used our materials to collect $’000’s in additional business sponsorship and hence profit !

Businesses are often keen to place 1/4, 1/2 or full page adverts in our cookbooks, as their adverts keep working for many years (unlike a one-off exposure in a local newspaper or magazine). It’s also a great way for them to support their local community or charity.

Once you receive the adverts (or scanned business cards), just email them to us, and we’ll take care of the rest. It takes both time and skill to layout adverts properly, so we’re more than happy to do this work for you.

Examples of actual cookbooks

Why not take a moment to see what our Standard Cookbook Range can look like:

Price Guide

· Click here to print our Cookbook Overview and price list.

Fundraising Profits

With prices for our cookbooks starting at a low $2.99 and with NO START UP COSTS, this really is your recipe for fundraising success!

While you set your own sale price, for our A5 sized Standard cookbooks (our most popular), we suggest a price of:

  • $15 for the cookbooks up to 64 pages; and
  • $20-$25 for cookbooks with a higher page count.

These can give outstanding profit margins of 100% or more and potential fundraising profits of $’000s of dollars.

Why not include local business sponsorship to cover the FULL cost of your cookbooks? That way, every $ earned from the sale of your cookbooks is PURE PROFIT !

You’ll be surprised at order numbers, as many families will want to order multiple copies for both themselves and as beautiful personalised gifts for friends and family.

· Find out more about what people say about us and our cookbooks

· Click here to download our cookbook overview PDF to show your committee, or to START YOUR COOKBOOK PROJECT

Why create a cookbook?

As Australians, we love our cookbooks. While they are often full of delicious and mouth-watering dishes, what really makes them so appealing is that in reality they are so much more than just a collection of recipes. They can capture the tastes and trends of a community, and when created as a community fundraiser, generate a real sense of pride and achievement by both the individuals contributing the recipes and by the school or community group coordinating the project.

In fact, it was reported in a recent Fundraising Directory article that four of the top 10 non-fiction biggest best sellers in 2011 were cookbooks. That really is quite amazing!

Hence, why not stir up your fundraising mix and create your own top-selling cookbook. And with the innovative 3-step cookbook process we’ve developed, it really has never been simpler - especially for groups with absolutely NO prior experience in book publishing.

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